Hello and Welcome

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Hi, I'm Sam!

The founder of Inside Wild.

At an early age living in Sydney, Australia, I remember so clearly my obsession with plants. My parents loved plants, so we naturally had them scattered all over the house!! My love and devotion for all things green, lush and wild continued throughout the years, no matter where life took me.

I now call Seattle home, where I have the chance to surround myself in greenery on a daily basis. Not only my home, but my shop and of course my clients’ businesses and houses. Some might say I have a green thumb, but I call it a green heart.

No matter what type of place you call home, where you work, where you dine out – plants are overtaking the world and I’m totally okay with that! Sure, it's super on trend these days to have indoor plants surrounding our lives, but it’s so much more than that. From the aesthetic beauty, therapeutic to the physical effects plants have in our environments, plants are here to stay. And we are super stoked about it.

Here at Inside Wild, our mission is to help guide and match you with the best possible plants. Our team of plant experts will offer education tools, advice, trends in plants, plant products, and a dose of inspiration to get your green heart thumping. So please, sign up for our newsletter, follow along, tag us! May all your indoor plant dreams be wild, lush and magical

Samantha Crowley